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Just 17

'Just 17' is the first unplugged album from Anna Speidel. Eight songs with singing and piano.

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With her music she expresses her world and imagination in lyrics and melody.  The contents of the songs either speak directly from her soul, are little stories or simply lyrical images. It can also be a small everyday scene which she discovers with her extraordinarily profound view and processes it in a sophisticated way in her music.

That’s why her first unplugged album is called ‘Just 17’: The CD includes a selection of eight of her songs, all of which are accompanied by her piano playing. The songs are written in English and are filled with energy and passion. In a poetic way they they encourage the listener to ponder and enjoy the music that enters both ear and heart.


  1. Place for Resting
  2. How Life Works
  3. Thank You
  4. Searching for the Answer
  5. Coconut
  6. Just 17
  7. Waterfall
  8. Colors of Monet